Books offer perspectives of the author and allow you to learn new things, avoid mistakes, and to discover strategies for business. Books portray history, tells you life stories of joy and pain, and the hope for a better future, which motivates you to keep reading.

To increase your desire for illumination and satisfy that quest for more knowledge, here is our selection of best authors, their books, and background for your long reading nights.

1. Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One by Edward O. Thorp

This New York Times Best Seller published in 1962, became the innovator in Blackjack table games and strategic gambling. You will learn the point techniques for playing Blackjack that gives you an edge over other players in the Casino.

The teaching of Edward O. Thorp is uncomplicated and provides the elementary rules of the game of blackjack, incorporated in basic charts. You will understand how to identify cheating, beat casino countermeasures, and build a tactic for playing that game.

Punched cards are added to enable you to take the strategies into casinos, though remembering the tactics is hassle-free.

beat the dealer book

Background on the Author

 Edward O. Thorp was born in 1932 in Chicago, a professor of mathematics, blackjack researcher, author, and hedge fund manager.

He is a leading promoter of probability theory and correlations for financial profit in the securities market. Thorpe has published over four books, and the latest is titled A Man For All Markets, published in 2017.

2. The Echo Maker by Richard Powers

This novel won a National Book Award for fiction in 2016. The story is about a man who had a car accident, went into Coma, and wakes with Capgras syndrome that made him believe his sister was an imposter. The author weaves an exciting story that connects neurology, ecology, and what makes up identity.

Background on the Author

Richard was born in 1957 in Illinois, USA, a writer and an English professor. He has published over eight books and won many awards, and his recent book The Overstory won a Pulitzer prize in 2019.

3. War is a Force that Gives us Meaning by Chris Hedges

This classic is a portrayal of armed conflicts, damaging yet attractive to the military and society. Chris offers history, reporting, literature, and personal accounts to expose the illusion that makes soldiers and prevailing culture celebrate war by showing its devastating effects.

Background on the Author

Chris is a social commentator, author, a Pulitzer award-winning past war correspondent, and lecturer. He was a staff of the New York Times and The Dallas Mirror and covered terrorism globally.

He has published about six books and the bestseller include Days of Destruction and Days of Revolt.